Ashwin’s response to Pakistan’s request to alter the venue was that it could have occurred if there was a sufficient reason.

India will host the ODI World Cup this year.The tournament’s schedule, which will take place in October and November, has not yet been determined.The World Cup draft schedule, however, was given to the ICC by the BCCI.The ICC is additionally awaiting Pakistan’s approval to take part in this competition.The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has begun to show reluctance after viewing the draft schedule.The PCB has asked the ICC and BCCI to move the locations of its two matches.Veteran Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has targeted Pakistan cricket in response to this need.

Actually, the ICC has distributed the preliminary schedule to every World Cup participant nation.This schedule calls for Pakistan to play two matches on October 20: one against Australia at Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy Stadium and the other against Afghanistan at Chennai’s Chepauk Stadium.These two venues must be changed, according to PCB.The PCB hasn’t provided an explanation for this.Pakistan, though, reportedly intends to go into every game as the favorite.Playing Australian Chinnaswamy and Afghan Chepauk makes him nervous.While Chepauk aids spinners, Chinnaswamy is a pitch with considerable scoring potential.Spinners from Afghanistan include Rashid Khan and Mujeeb Ur Rehman.

In response to this demand, Ashwin stated on his YouTube channel that he does not believe the ICC will accept his remarks owing to the justifications provided by the PCB.The experienced spinner for India claimed that it might have taken place if Pakistan had requested a different location citing security concerns.Due to security concerns, Pakistan requested that the match against India in the 2016 T20 World Cup be moved from Dharamshala.Following that, the game between India and Pakistan was held at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens.

According to Ashwin, Pakistan has already said in its request letter that the circumstances in Chennai will benefit Afghanistan.Pakistan will therefore benefit from altering the location.I don’t think the ICC will abide by this demand.If Pakistan has made some good security arguments, the location might be modified.Pakistan’s attempt to switch the locations for its matches against Australia and Afghanistan is another intriguing development.Pakistan has made an intriguing request.Pakistan will currently face off against Australia in Bengaluru and Afghanistan in Chennai.For these two games, they want the location switched.

The ICC would only take these requests into account for security concerns, according to Ashwin.The 2016 T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan was originally slated to take place in Dharamsala but was moved to Kolkata for security reasons. On June 27, exactly 100 days before the event starts, the ICC is anticipated to release an official statement.

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