Babar Azam Prefers Another Big T20 League Over IPL

In a bold and intriguing move, Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam has expressed his preference for the Big Bash League (BBL) over the Indian Premier League (IPL). This strategic choice showcases Azam’s commitment to enhancing his skills and performance on the international stage.

The Big Bash League: A Preferred Path

While the IPL remains a dominant force in the T20 cricket arena, Babar Azam’s desire to explore the Big Bash League reflects a distinct shift in perspective. Azam’s decision is grounded in his belief that the BBL offers a more enriching experience compared to the IPL. This choice demonstrates his dedication to pushing his limits and adapting to diverse cricketing conditions.

Political Constraints: Pakistan Players and the IPL

In recent years, political tensions between India and Pakistan have posed a challenge for Pakistani players seeking participation in the IPL. Current restrictions have prevented Pakistan players from gracing the IPL stage. This challenging environment has led Azam to explore alternative platforms like the BBL, where he can showcase his skills without being constrained by geopolitical factors.

Australian Cricket’s Glittering Attraction: A Star-Studded BBL

Babar Azam’s aspiration to be a part of the Big Bash League underscores the league’s allure within the cricketing fraternity. Numerous Pakistani players have previously participated in the BBL, but Azam’s anticipation and eagerness to join the ranks of this star-studded Australian T20 competition sets him apart. This choice reflects Azam’s ambition to immerse himself in a fast-paced, high-quality cricketing atmosphere.

Australiana: Thriving Amidst Diversity

The Australian cricketing landscape promises unique challenges and opportunities for players worldwide. Azam’s emphasis on the distinctive conditions in Australia, including fast pitches, signifies his determination to expand his skill set and broaden his cricketing horizons. Contrasting this with the IPL’s familiar Asian conditions, Azam is motivated to step out of his comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar in pursuit of excellence.

Azam’s Recent Triumphs: Leadership and Performance

Babar Azam’s leadership prowess and outstanding performance have recently come to the forefront. Leading Pakistan in a triumphant two-Test series against Sri Lanka, Azam showcased his resilience and tactical acumen. His impressive performance, scoring 76 runs with an average of 25.33, was instrumental in securing a 2-0 victory for the men in green. This victory further solidified Azam’s reputation as a dynamic leader and a skillful batsman.

Upcoming Challenges and Promising Opportunities

Looking ahead, Babar Azam’s journey continues with a three-match ODI series against Afghanistan, scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka from August 22 to 26. This series presents a new set of challenges and opportunities for Azam to display his leadership skills and batting finesse. Subsequently, Azam and his team are set to participate in the much-anticipated Asia Cup, co-hosted by Pakistan and Sri Lanka from August 30 to September 17.

Pakistan’s Squad: A Cohesive Unit Ready to Excel

Babar Azam will lead a formidable Pakistan squad for both the Afghanistan ODI series and the 2023 Asia Cup. The squad, comprising accomplished players like Shadab Khan, Mohammad Rizwan, Fakhar Zaman, and others, demonstrates a strong blend of experience and youth. This cohesive unit is poised to make a lasting impact on the upcoming challenges, with Azam at the helm, guiding his team towards success.


Babar Azam’s preference for the Big Bash League over the IPL signifies a pivotal moment in his career. This bold choice reflects his determination to thrive in diverse cricketing conditions and to lead his team to new heights. As Azam continues to shine as a captain and a batsman, the cricketing world eagerly awaits his journey’s next chapter.

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