ICC Cricket World Cup Winners And Runner-up Records From 1975

Every four years, the International Cricket Council (ICC) hosts the ICC Cricket World Cup, which is the international championship of cricket.

The event is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and is referred to by the International Cricket Council as the “Flagship Event of the International Cricket calendar.”

There have been 12 Cricket World Cups to far. India, the West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England have all won the tournament once, making Australia the most successful side with five victories.

History Of Cricket World Cup

England hosted the first Cricket World Cup on June 7, 1975. In honor of the sponsor, Prudential plc, the first three World Cups were staged in England and were formally known as the Prudential Cup. Each game lasted 60 overs and was played in the typical daylight format with players donning whites and a red ball.

The Cricket World Cup has been hosted alternately by nations since 1987 competition, according to an unofficial rotation arrangement.

India and Pakistan co-hosted the tournament in 1987, the first time it was staged outside of England. Due to the shorter daylight hours than in England, games in this World Cup season were shortened from 60 to 50 overs per innings.

With the introduction of the white ball, colorful uniforms, day/night matches, and a modification to the fielding restriction rules, the 1992 World Cup brought about some improvements to the game.

ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

The World Cup champions get the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy. The 1999 Championship’s Trophy, the first ever permanent award in the competition’s history, was designed for it. For each World Cup prior to this Trophy, various trophies were created.

A group of artisans from Garrard & Co. designed and created the Cricket World Cup Trophy over the course of two months in London.

A Golden Globe is supported by three silver columns on the Present trophy, which is composed of silver and gilded. The globe represents a cricket ball, and the columns are formed like stumps and bails, which stand for the three core elements of cricket, namely batting, bowling, and fielding.
The seam of the ball (globe) is angled to represent the Earth’s axial tilt. It weights about 11 kg and is 60 cm tall.

The names of the former winners are inscribed on the base of the trophy, and there is enough for a total of twenty inscriptions.

The winning team is perpetually given a replica of the Trophy, with only the inscriptions changing from the original, which is kept by the ICC.

Cricket World Cup Winners List

1975 World Cup

Host NationEngland
Final VenueLord’s, London
WinnersWest Indies
(291-8 in 60 overs)
(274 all-out in 58.4 overs)
Margin17 Runs
Man of the MatchClive Lloyd (102)

1979 World Cup

Host NationEngland
Final VenueLord’s, London
WinnersWest Indies
(286-9 in 60 overs)
(194 all-out in 51 overs)
Margin92 Runs
Man of the MatchViv Richards (138*)

1983 World Cup

Host NationEngland
Final VenueLord’s, London
(183 all-out in 54.4 overs)
Runner-upWest Indies
(140 all-out in 52 overs)
Margin43 Runs
Man of the MatchMohinder Amarnath
(3/12 & 26)

1987 World Cup

Host NationIndia & Pakistan
Final VenueEden Gardens, Kolkata
(253-5 50 overs)
(246-8 50 overs)
Margin7 Runs
Man of the MatchDavid Boon (75)

1992 World Cup

Host NationAustralia & New Zealand
Final VenueMCG, Melbourne, Australia
(249-6 in 50 overs)
(227 all-out in 49.2 overs)
Margin22 Runs
Man of the MatchWasim Akram
(33 & 3/49)
Man of the TournamentMartin Crowe
(456 Runs)

1996 World Cup

Host NationIndia, Pakistan & Sri Lanka
Final VenueGaddafi Stadium, Lahore
WinnersSri Lanka
(245-3 in 46.2 overs)
(241-7 in 50 overs)
Margin7 Wickets
Man of the MatchAravinda de Silva
(107* & 3/24)
Man of the TournamentSanath Jayasuriya
(221 Runs and 7 Wickets)

1999 World Cup

Host NationEngland & Wales
Final VenueLord’s, London
(133-2 in 20.1 overs)
(132 all-out in 39 overs)
Margin8 Wickets
Man of the MatchShane Warne (4/33)
Man of the TournamentLance Klusener
(281 Runs and 17 Wickets)

2003 World Cup

Host NationSouth Africa
Final VenueWanderers, Johannesburg, South Africa
(359-2 in 50 overs)
(234 all-out in 39.2 overs)
Margin125 Runs
Man of the MatchRicky Ponting (140*)
Man of the TournamentSachin Tendulkar
(673 Runs and 2 Wickets)

2007 World Cup

Host NationWest Indies
Final VenueKensington Oval, Bridgetown
(281-4 in 38 overs)
Runner-upSri Lanka
(215-8 in 36 overs)
MarginAustralia Won by 53 Runs (D/L)
Man of the MatchAdam Gilchrist (149)
Man of the TournamentGlenn McGrath (26 Wickets)

2011 World Cup

Host NationIndia, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
Final VenueWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
(277-4 in 48.2 overs)
Runner-upSri Lanka
(274-6 in 50 overs)
Margin6 Wickets
Man of the MatchM S Dhoni (91*)
Man of the TournamentYuvraj Singh
(362 Runs and 15 Wickets)

2015 World Cup

Host NationAustralia & New Zealand
Final VenueMCG, Melbourne, Australia
(186-3 in 33.1 overs)
Runner-upNew Zealand
(183 all-out in 45 overs)
Margin7 Wickets
Man of the MatchJames Faulkner (3/36)
Man of the TournamentMitchell Starc
(22 Wickets)

2019 World Cup

Host NationEngland & Wales
Final VenueLord’s, London
(241 all-out in 50 overs)
(15-0 Super Over)
(23 fours, 3 sixes)
Runner-upNew Zealand
(241-8 in 50 overs)
(15-1 Super Over)
(14 fours, 3 sixes)
MarginTie (England were declared winners on Boundary count)
Man of the MatchBen Stokes (84* and 0/20)
Man of the TournamentKane Williamson
(578 Runs and 2 Wickets)

Note – Starting in 1992, the Man of the Tournament award was given. It is given out at the conclusion of the World Cup Finals.

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