Imad Wasim Stated That No One Comes And Goes And Unintentionally Pointed to Babar Azam

According to Pakistan Super League (PSL) captain Imad Wasim, Babar Azam’s services to Karachi Kings cannot be overlooked, but players come and go, and teams must move on. Karachi Kings have also advanced.

When Imad Wasim came to the Yes team before the PSL match between Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings in Karachi, most of the questions he was asked were about Babar Azam’s past with Karachi and his presence in Peshawar Zalmi this time.

No One Comes And Goes Said Imad Wasim

According to Imad Wasim, in franchise cricket, players move around a lot. There are too many services, but that is no longer the case; instead, we are attempting to assemble our final eleven from the best available players.

He stated that all of the players are good, and that who is captain and who is not, and whether or not they come out, is a matter for the team owners, not me.

No one can come and go, be it a player, Babar, Aamir, Shaheen, or anyone else; Amir Jang player also becomes a superstar one day. The void left by a player’s departure.

Imad Wasim stated that there is no doubt that Babar Azam has played a significant role for Karachi Kings. “He played a very important role when we were winning,” he added.

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According to Imad Wasim, everyone is excited about the PSL because it is the most important tournament for us and has meaning because it can show the culture of Pakistan to the entire world.

The national all-rounder stated that foreign players are also very excited about PSL, that this league has given players to other leagues and international teams because the demand for what is produced here in the world is increasing, that’s why players try to come to PSL and form, that’s why the world’s top players are coming, and everyone believes that PSL is the toughest team.

He stated that Mohammad Amir is an important bowler, that he was injured last year, but that this year he is playing enough cricket, and that his workload will be determined. He also stated that Shoaib Malik is an important player, and that his advice will be invaluable to him.

The captain of Karachi Kings stated that it is beneficial for them that more matches are being played in Karachi; the twelfth player will be the odd man out here, but a good start will be beneficial.

In response to a question, he stated that every captain has their own style, that he captains aggressively, that he plays T20 all over the world and tries to apply what he learns, that win or lose is out of our hands, but that if you play positively, you get results.

In response to a question, Karachi Kings captain said, “They think we have a fight with Peshawar,” Karachi is natural to Lahore, but nothing like that to Peshawar Zalmi. Every game, no matter who we play, is crucial for us. We are professional cur-cutters, and we must compete in every match.

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He stated that when Muhammad Rizwan was with Karachi Kings, the options at the time were not being created; instead of Rizwan, there were Alex Hales and Sharjeel; I am glad Rizwan went to another franchise and proved himself. gave and proved everyone wrong.

He stated, “As a player, it is my desire to play for Pakistan; I want to play with honour and dignity, and I will always play with honour,” but that his current focus is on doing well for his franchise in the Pakistan Super League and not thinking about anything else.

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