Most Consecutive Losses in IPL by a Team – The Longest Streak

Longest consecutive Losing Streaks in IPL History:The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular T20 cricket leagues in the world. Since its inception in 2008, the IPL has seen exhilarating contests between star-studded teams. While some seasons witness teams dominating their opponents, others see teams struggling to register wins. This article will discuss most consecutive losses in IPL by a team.

consecutive losses in IPL history


#1. The Longest Losing Streak in IPL – Pune Warriors India’s 11 Straight Losses

The record for the  most consecutive losses in IPL history  is held by former team Pune Warriors India. In the 2012 and 2013 IPL seasons, Pune lost an astounding  11 matches in a row . 

Having made their IPL debut in 2011, Pune won only 4 out of the 28 matches they played in the league. The team’s tragic run started at the fag end of the 2012 season when they lost their last three games. Their poor form continued into the 2013 season, where Pune lost their first eight matches on the trot.  

Across both seasons, Pune’s losing streak extended to 11 games before they finally registered a win against Delhi in their 10th match of the 2013 season.

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#2. Delhi Capitals – 11 Consecutive Losses from 2014-2015

The second longest losing streak also stands at 11 consecutive matches. Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) holds this joint-record along with Pune Warriors India. 

Delhi struggled in the early years of the IPL, failing to make the playoffs between 2009 to 2013. However, their worst IPL season came in 2014 when they finished rock-bottom in the points table.  

The team lost 11 straight games in the 2014 and 2015 seasons under Gary Kirsten’s coaching. Their miserable run started when they lost their last six league games in IPL 2014. The team continued its poor showing in the next season losing the first five matches of the 2015 season.  

Delhi’s losing streak finally ended after 11 games when they defeated Punjab in their sixth match of IPL 2015.

#3. Pune Warriors’ 9 Consecutive Losses in 2013 

The third highest losing streak also belongs to the now defunct Pune Warriors India franchise. After losing their last three games in IPL 2012, Pune continued their disastrous run in the next season as well.

They lost their first six matches of the 2013 season under the captaincy of Angelo Matthews. This took their tally to nine consecutive losses in the IPL.

Their losing sequence finally came to an end against Delhi Daredevils, when they won by 38 runs in their seventh match of IPL 2013.

## Other Notable team with the most consecutive in IPL

While Pune Warriors India and Delhi Capitals hold the record for the maximum consecutive losses, a few other teams have also suffered significant losing streaks:

 Kolkata Knight Riders  – Lost 9 consecutive games in IPL 2009

 Mumbai Indians  – Lost eight consecutive matches to start IPL 2022

 Royal Challengers Bangalore  – Lost 7 consecutive games in IPL 2019

 Deccan Chargers  – Lost 7 straight matches in IPL 2008

High losing streaks are generally triggered by a combination of factors like player injuries, unbalanced team composition, frequent team changes, and dips in team morale.


In summary, successive losses are an unfortunate but inevitable part of the IPL. While losing streaks test the mettle of teams and coaches, they also represent an opportunity for self-evaluation and revival. 

As newer teams join the IPL expansion, and existing teams overhaul their strategies from season to season – sustained domination by a single team seems highly unlikely. The IPL looks set to deliver many more close contests where losing streaks, however short or long, will be part and parcel of the journey!

Which team has the longest losing streak in IPL history?

Pune Warriors India and Delhi Capitals (formerly Delhi Daredevils) share the record for the maximum consecutive losses in IPL – with both teams losing 11 straight matches between 2012-2015.

Why did Pune Warriors India perform so poorly?

Pune Warriors struggled to put together a balanced squad in their short IPL stint from 2011-13. They built squads lacking match-winners and often fielded depleted XIs due to injuries – leading to prolonged losses.

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