Usman Shinwari Embracing Confidence Against Babar Azam in T20s

Usman Shinwari’s Latest Outing in Shorter-Format Encounters Against Sri Lanka in 2019

In the realm of Pakistani cricket, the name Usman Shinwari resonates with skill and determination. An adept bowler hailing from Pakistan, Usman Shinwari, is not just known for his prowess but also for his candid admiration for the enigmatic Babar Azam. In the realm of T20 matches, where battles are often won by strategy and nerves, Shinwari stands unwavering in his assertion of not fearing Babar Azam. This bold stance was unveiled in a recent interview on a local YouTube podcast.

An Unwavering Admiration

In a candid exchange, Shinwari unveiled the depth of his admiration for Babar Azam, a cricket luminary who commands respect across Test, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and T20 formats. With unwavering certainty, Shinwari proclaimed Babar as his favorite player, acknowledging the latter’s exceptional prowess in the realms of ODIs and Test cricket.

However, Shinwari’s candor didn’t stop at praise alone. He delved into a perspective that showcased his own self-assuredness, particularly in the arena of T20 matches, when facing off against Babar Azam.

Facing Babar Azam in T20s

Shinwari’s bold stance comes to the forefront when he discusses his confidence in facing Babar Azam in T20 matches. “In T20s, I won’t feel much pressure against him,” Shinwari asserts, his conviction evident. His confidence finds its foundation in a keen understanding of Babar’s playing style – one that often leans toward conventional shots rather than unorthodox slogs or audacious maneuvers.

As a seasoned bowler, Shinwari comprehends the dynamics of the game. He notes that the predictability of Babar’s approach in T20s works in his favor as a bowler. Shinwari highlights the unlikelihood of Babar attempting a slog sweep against a well-pitched delivery or executing a sudden, unconventional shot for a six. This calculated analysis translates into Shinwari’s sense of security when squaring up against Babar Azam in T20 matches.

A Tale of Numbers and Achievements

Delving into the statistical realm, it’s apparent that Usman Shinwari’s prowess is not confined to mere words. With 16 T20 International (T20I) appearances under his belt, Shinwari has made his mark with 13 wickets to his name. His impressive accomplishments come with an average of 32.61 and an economy rate of 8.31, a testament to his effectiveness on the field.

The chronicles of Shinwari’s cricketing journey also lead us to his latest outing in a shorter-format encounter – a match against Sri Lanka in 2019. This event underscores his continued presence and contribution to the cricketing landscape.


In the realm of cricket, where battles are often waged with passion and strategy, Usman Shinwari’s perspective on facing Babar Azam in T20 matches stands as a testament to the intersection of skill, analysis, and confidence. While expressing his admiration for Babar across all formats, Shinwari’s discernment of Babar’s style becomes his asset in the fast-paced arena of T20 cricket. With each delivery, Shinwari embodies the spirit of competition and camaraderie, adding his unique chapter to the evolving story of Pakistan’s cricketing legacy.

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