Whether or not Pakistan will play the World Cup in India, the Ministry of External Affairs gave a statement for the first time

The Indian team’s decision to not play in Pakistan has been lamented by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. Additionally, he has stated that he will express his thoughts on the Pakistani squad competing in the upcoming World Cup in India.

India will host the ODI World Cup in October and November 2023.The tournament is scheduled to begin in less than four months, but the schedule has not yet been made public.The participation of the Pakistani team in this competition has not yet been determined.Pakistan has also asked for the draft schedule to be changed in addition to this.The World Cup schedule has not yet been made public as a result.According to PCB officials, the government decides whether or not their squad will play in India.The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has now made a statement regarding this issue for the first time.

is assessing Pakistan’s involvement in the 2018 ODI World Cup from all angles.The ICC has previously sent the World Cup’s preliminary schedule to each nation’s cricket federation.In response, the PCB had stated that it would only be able to determine whether or not to send its team to India if the government had given its approval.

“The Indian Prime Minister has officially invited us to the SCO Heads of State meeting on July 4,” the statement reads.At a weekly media briefing in Islamabad, Foreign Affairs Secretary Mumtaz Zahra Baloch made the statement.At the summit, Pakistan will be represented. At the weekly media briefing, we stated, “We will make a statement regarding our involvement in the coming days.At the summit, Pakistan will be represented. At the weekly media briefing, we stated, “We will make a statement regarding our involvement in the coming days.At the summit, Pakistan will be represented. In the following days, we will make a statement about our participation.

Politics and sports shouldn’t be intertwined, according to Pakistan.It is sad that India refuses to play cricket in Pakistan.We are keeping an eye on and assessing every aspect of our World Cup participation, including the safety of Pakistani cricket players, and we will offer our opinions to the PCB when it is appropriate.

October 5 will mark the commencement of the 2023 World Cup.The India-Pakistan game will take place on October 15 in Ahmedabad.One of the five venues where Pakistan must play league games is this one.Since the 2016 T20 World Cup, Pakistan has not toured India due to the tense political ties between the two nations, and even then, the tour was not certain.If the Indian government did not give the PCB explicit guarantees about the safety of its players, the PCB has threatened to withdraw from the competition.The match between India and Pakistan was ultimately moved from Dharamsala to Kolkata as a result of these discussions.

based on an internal evaluation of the grounds on which they are to play, have asked to switch sites.Pakistan has requested a change because they want to play Afghanistan in Bengaluru and Australia in Chennai instead of the present itinerary that has Australia playing in Bengaluru on October 20 and Afghanistan playing in Chennai on October 23.The PCB’s request was denied.The PCB did not cite any security danger in its internal evaluation, despite the fact that grounds are typically altered at an ICC tournament for security reasons.

is sent out first. ALSO, this occurred at the World Cups in 2015 and 2019.Now, within a week, the World Cup schedule is anticipated to be revealed. Prior to this, Pakistan must make its position clear and bring up any issues with playing in India to the ICC and BCCI.

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