Who is the Baap of IPL – Godfather of IPL

The history of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become a global cricket phenomenon since its inception in 2008. As the highly anticipated IPL 2024 season approaches, fans are abuzz discussing who could emerge as the “Baap” or the “Godfather” of IPL this year.

Significance of the ‘Baap of IPL’ Title

In colloquial cricket terminology, the “Baap of IPL” refers to the most influential and dominating personality of the tournament – be it a player, captain, or team. It is an honorary title bestowed upon the cricketing giants who have mastered the exhilarating T20 format and engineered their team’s journey to IPL glory.

The quest to be crowned the “Baap” drives teams and players to elevate their game and create extraordinary performances during the IPL season. Let’s explore the top contenders who have a credible chance to earn this coveted status in IPL 2023.

Who is the Baap of IPL - Godfather of IPL

Leading Candidates Over the Years for Father of IPL

Ever since the inauguration of IPL in 2008, illustrious names like **MS Dhoni**, **Virat Kohli**, and **Rohit Sharma** have repeatedly staked claim to the title of “Baap of IPL”, thanks to their incredible cricketing exploits in the tournament. 

While **CSK captain MS Dhoni’s** sharp leadership and finishing abilities make him the quintessential “Baap” among IPL captains, **Rohit Sharma’s** five IPL titles as **Mumbai Indians** captain solidify his status as the “Baap” of successful IPL captains. 

Meanwhile, **Virat Kohli’s** astronomical run-scoring feats and impeccable batting record in IPL history position him as a strong contender for the “Batting Baap of IPL” title.

Baap of IPLKey Achievements  
MS Dhoni 5 IPL titles as CSK captain      
Rohit Sharma5 IPL titles as MI captain
Virat Kohli  Leading run scorer in IPL history  


Who is the Baap of IPL    

The term “Baap of IPL” (Hindi for “Father of IPL”) is generally used to refer to the most successful team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Mumbai Indians (MI) are widely considered to be the Baap of IPL, having won the tournament a record five times, in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. They are also the only team to have qualified for the playoffs in every season of the IPL.

Jasprit Bumrah –  Baap of IPL Bowling

Jasprit Bumrah is considered the best bowler in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Whether playing for India or Mumbai Indians, Bumrah leads the bowling attack with intensity. Although ranked 11th for most wickets in IPL history, Bumrah has helped Mumbai Indians win 5 IPL titles. His fast yorkers and slower deliveries make him lethal in the death overs.

With 145 wickets in 119 IPL innings, Bumrah strikes every 3 overs on average. Even when not taking wickets, his incredible pace and control restrict batsmen. That is why Bumrah, as India’s best bowler, was made vice-captain earlier this year.

Who is Baap of IPL Captains

Rohit Sharma – Baap of IPL Captains

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians, has earned the title of the best IPL captain for leading Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles. As captain of the most successful IPL franchise, Rohit has led Mumbai Indians to 5 IPL trophies. His success in the IPL also led to him being named captain of the Indian cricket team in Test and ODI formats.

Known as “The Hitman” for his ability to shred bowling attacks, Rohit is the 4th highest run scorer in IPL history. His 6,211 runs have come at an average of 29.57, often while opening the batting and setting the tone for Mumbai.

With his strong leadership and batting skills, Rohit Sharma is considered the baap or king of the IPL. He has dominated the tournament and established Mumbai Indians as the most successful IPL franchise.

Surya Kumar Yadav – Baap of Innovative Strokeplay

Suryakumar Yadav, fondly called SKY, is currently ranked #1 in the ICC T20 International rankings with 910 points is known as Baap of Innovative Strokeplay. He is only the second Mumbai Indians player to score over 600 runs (605 to be precise) in a single IPL season (2023).

SKY achieved this feat at an incredible average of 43.21 and strike rate above 180. He scored 1 century, 103 not out, and 5 half-centuries in IPL 2023. His century came in the critical Qualifier 2 match against 2022 champions Gujarat Titans.

Scoring consistently for Mumbai Indians over the past 5 seasons, SKY is nicknamed “Mr. 360” for his ability to hit boundaries effortlessly all around the ground. With his innovative stroke play and consistency, SKY is surely one of the top contenders for becoming the future “Baap of IPL.”

Who is the Fielding King of IPL

Suresh Raina is a fielding sensation and is a key asset to any team. He is known for his quick reflexes and his ability to take difficult catches. Raina is a game-changer in the field and can turn the match around in a single moment.Suresh Raina is known as the best fielder in the history of the IPL. He has taken 102 catches in his 10 IPL seasons, including some unbelievable catches.

Who is the Batting Baap of IPL?

Virat Kohli is the undisputed Batting Baap of the IPL.As the best batsman of this century, Kohli consistently ranks among the highest run scorers in IPL history. His records in the tournament are remarkable, with 7263 runs in 237 matches, making him the highest run-scorer in IPL history. He has achieved this feat at an exceptional strike rate of 130 and an average of 37.20.

Kohli has smashed seven centuries and 50 half-centuries during his IPL career, hitting 234 sixes and 643 fours. His highest score of 113 remains unbeaten, and in the 2016 season, he amassed a staggering 973 runs, including four centuries, a record that seems impossible to break.

Based on his incredible record, Virat Kohli is the true Batting Baap of the IPL.

Shubman Gill – Baap of Consistent Openers

Shubman Gill has emerged as one of the most consistent openers in the IPL, earning him the tag of future “Baap of IPL Openers.” He soon became India’s first-choice opening batter across formats.

Since his IPL debut for KKR in 2018, Gill has seen his career graph move upwards over 5 seasons. Despite some early ups and downs, he proved his mettle by topping the IPL 2023 run charts with 890 runs. His average of 59.33 and strike rate of 157.80 earned him the IPL MVP award.

Who is the Sixer King of IPL?

Chris Gayle is widely regarded as the Sixer King of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He is known for his unmatched power and aggression, which allows him to hit massive sixes. Gayle has hit a staggering 357 sixes in 142 IPL matches, the most by any player in the tournament’s history.

So, being the most six-hitter batsman in IPL Chris Gayle becomes the Sixer King of IPL.

Baap of Consistency – Shikhar Dhawan

Dhawan has played for four different teams in the IPL, but he has been consistently successful for all of them. He is second only to Virat Kohli in the list of all-time leading IPL run scorers. Dhawan also set the record for being the first player to score two consecutive centuries in the IPL.

Dhawan has scored 49 fifties in the IPL so far, and he may even finish the 2023 IPL as the overall leading run scorer if Kohli has a quiet tournament.

Dhawan’s ability to consistently perform at a high level is what makes him the King of Consistency in the IPL.

Deciphering the Probable ‘Baap’ Contenders for IPL 2024

As IPL 2024 nears, here are some of the prominent names that can stake a claim to the ‘Baap of IPL’ title this season:

Hardik Pandya – The Emerging Captaincy Genius

With his impressive captaincy debut for the Gujarat Titans in 2022, **Hardik Pandya** proved his mettle as an instinctive leader, steering his team to IPL victory in their maiden season. If Pandya can emulate similar captaincy success with the Gujarat Titans in IPL 2024, he could very well gain the moniker of “Baap of IPL Captains”.

Suryakumar Yadav – The New Batting Sensation

Over the last few IPL seasons, **Suryakumar Yadav** has established himself as one of the most creative and consistent batsmen in the tournament. His audacious stroke play and scoring prowess make him a strong contender for the “Batting Baap of IPL” title in the upcoming season.

T. Natarajan – The Emerging Bowling Talent

With his subtle variations and impeccable yorkers, **T. Natarajan** is a bowling talent on the rise. If he can translate his international success to the IPL and be the leading wicket-taker this season, Natarajan could very well gain the moniker of “Bowling Baap of IPL 2024”. 

Rajasthan Royals – The Underdog Team on a Mission

Having lifted the IPL trophy in the inaugural edition, the **Rajasthan Royals** will be on a quest to regain lost glory in IPL 2024. With the likes of Jos Buttler and Yuzvendra Chahal powering their arsenal, RR have the team composition to outperform and earn the title of “Baap of IPL Teams”.

Key Factors That Determine the ‘Baap of IPL’ 

Certain key parameters are quintessential in determining who ultimately gains the ‘Baap of IPL’ honor in a particular season:

– **Individual Brilliance:** Extraordinary performances by a player in batting, bowling or all-round excellence. Eg – Kohli in 2016 season

– **Captaincy Success:** Title victories and match wins earned as a successful IPL captain. Eg – Rohit Sharma over the years

– **Team Domination:** Consistent top bracket finishes and a winning IPL team legacy. Eg – CSK and MI over multiple seasons

– **Game-changing Abilities:** Moments of genius that alter the course of crucial games. Eg – MS Dhoni finishing matches for CSK

– **Fan Frenzy:** Massive popularity and a huge fan following. Eg – The incredible stardom and fandom of players like Dhoni, Kohli 

As IPL 2023 kicks off, the cricket universe will be glued to see which players and teams can captivate fans with exhilarating cricket and establish their clout as the ‘Baap of IPL’. Here are the key matchups and players to watch out for:

Crucial Player Battles That Could Decide the ‘Baap of IPL 2023’ 

**Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma**: Arguably the two biggest batting superstars in IPL history, their form could determine the batting ‘Baap’ of IPL 2023.

**Andre Russell vs Hardik Pandya**: Two dynamic all-rounders who can single-handedly change games for KKR and GT. Their clashes will be electric. 

**Jasprit Bumrah vs Yuzvendra Chahal**: A face-off between the premier pacer and wrist spinner of the IPL. Their battle could determine the ‘Bowling Baap’ for the season.

**MS Dhoni vs Rishabh Pant**: The sorcerer takes on his potential successor in IPL captaincy. Dhoni will be keen to re-establish CSK’s supremacy. 

**KL Rahul vs Virat Kohli**: Two RCB icons will be up against each other as captain of Lucknow Super Giants and RCB respectively. Expect batting fireworks.

With these cricketing megastars competing for glory, IPL 2023 promises to be a riveting season. The coveted ‘Baap of IPL’ title is up for grabs – let the cricketing action begin!

## 5 Key Takeaways: Decoding Who Could Emerge as the ‘Baap of IPL’ in 2024

– The ‘Baap of IPL’ title represents an honorary badge of cricket supremacy in the IPL, conferred upon players, captains or teams with extraordinary performances.

– Stalwarts like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have often staked claim to this title over multiple IPL seasons. 

– Young sensations like Hardik Pandya, Suryakumar Yadav and T. Natarajan could shine in IPL 2024 and gain the ‘Baap’ mantle. 

– Along with individual brilliance, captaincy excellence and team consistency are key metrics in determining the ‘Baap of IPL’

  • The IPL 2024 clashes between the cricketing titans Kohli, Bumrah, Dhoni, Rahul could decide the major ‘Baap’ title winners.

The Baap of Cricket – Ranking

In its 17 years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and its superstar players have become hugely popular. While cricket fans know the current gods and captains of the IPL, who can be considered the overall “Baap” (father) of IPL for the 2024 season?

The Baap of IPL has to be a player with sensational stats and success. He must be part of a winning franchise. He should also have a stature befitting the title – someone who has become bigger than the sport itself.


The Indian Premier League’s immersive action, celebrity appeal and massive fan following make the coveted ‘Baap of IPL’ title a prestigious honor for players and teams alike.

IPL 2024 promises to be an exhilarating season with several contenders vying for supremacy across parameters of batting might, captaincy genius, bowling mastery and all-round excellence. Which cricketing giant do you think has the best shot at emerging as the overall ‘Baap of IPL’ in 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments!

## FAQs on ‘Baap of IPL’

**Q1: Who according to you is the current ‘Baap of IPL’?**

Based on overall achievements in IPL so far, stalwarts like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma can lay claim to being the current ‘Baap of IPL’. 

**Q2: What is the importance of the ‘Baap of IPL’ title?**

It is an honorary badge of excellence awarded to IPL’s most dominant player, captain or team. It represents cricket supremacy in IPL’s exhilarating T20 format.

**Q3: Who was the ‘Baap of IPL’ in IPL 2022 season?**

Hardik Pandya’s excellent all-round exploits and captaincy success with Gujarat Titans made him one of the top contenders for ‘Baap of IPL’ in the 2022 season.

**Q4: Which teams are the main contenders for the ‘Baap of IPL teams’ title?**

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, with 5 IPL titles each, are the top contenders for the ‘Baap of IPL teams’ honor. 

**Q5: Who has the best chance to become ‘Baap of IPL’ in IPL 2023?**

Based on current form and talent, Hardik Pandya, Suryakumar Yadav and T. Natarajan are promising contenders who could stake claim to ‘Baap of IPL’ in the 2023 season.

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