How many times Pakistan won from India in Asia Cup?

The grand stage is set for a monumental clash as cricketing giants India and Pakistan lock horns in the prestigious Asia Cup tournaments.

Embarking on a journey through the head-to-head records and statistics that define their encounters, the cricketing realm braces itself for the exhilarating face-off between these two fierce adversaries.

Join us as we unveil the narrative of battles, successes, and intense competition that has unfolded across the annals of Asia Cup history.

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Six Wins and Counting

The Asia Cup has been a great platform for Pakistan to show their strength against India. The six times Pakistan has won in this important tournament don’t just show their success in cricket, but also how they didn’t give up, planned well, and used their skills.

These victories have excited cricket fans and made Pakistan famous in the history of the Asia Cup.

Asia Cup Rivalry: India and Pakistan’s 17 Matches Explored

The cricketing saga between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup unveils itself across a total of 17 matches. Each showdown adds a new chapter to their storied rivalry, a rivalry that resonates with cricket aficionados globally.

Amidst these confrontations, India has emerged victorious on 9 occasions, while Pakistan has celebrated triumph 6 times. The cricketing arena has also witnessed 2 matches culminating without a conclusive result, adding an element of suspense to their encounters.

Asia Cup Seasons: Delving into the Battles

The tapestry of Asia Cup seasons paints a vivid picture of battles between these two cricketing giants. Let’s embark on a journey through selected seasons to illuminate their confrontations:

2022 Asia Cup

  • Match 1: India secured a win by 5 wickets.
  • Match 2: Pakistan emerged victorious by 5 wickets.

2018 Asia Cup

  • Match 1: India seized the upper hand with a 9-wicket victory.
  • Match 2: India dominated with an 8-wicket win.

2016 Asia Cup

  • India showcased their prowess with a 5-wicket win.

2014 Asia Cup

  • Pakistan clinched a nail-biting win by 1 wicket.

2012 Asia Cup

  • India asserted their supremacy with a 6-wicket win.

2010 Asia Cup

  • India displayed resilience, securing victory by 3 wickets.

2008 Asia Cup

  • Match 1: India triumphed by 6 wickets.
  • Match 2: Pakistan responded with an 8-wicket win.

2004 Asia Cup

  • Pakistan emerged triumphant by a remarkable 59 runs.

2000 Asia Cup

  • Pakistan secured victory by 44 runs.

1997 Asia Cup

  • The match ended without a result, abandoned without a ball bowled.

1995 Asia Cup

  • Pakistan displayed dominance, winning by a commanding 97 runs.

1988 Asia Cup

  • India showcased their mettle with a 4-wicket win.

1984 Asia Cup

  • India emerged victorious with a commanding 54-run lead.

A Saga of Cricketing Drama

As the Asia Cup saga continues to unfold, the rivalry between India and Pakistan resonates as a captivating tale of cricketing drama and intensity.

With each encounter carving its mark on the cricketing canvas, fans across the globe await the next chapter in this riveting rivalry.

The Asia Cup stage remains an arena where cricketing legends are born, narratives are reshaped, and the essence of competition thrives in its purest form.

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