Unveiling the Negotiations and Actions Of PCB’s Stand on ICC and BCCI Revenue Sharing

Zaka Ashraf’s Impactful Stewardship and Conversations with Cricket’s Power Players

Pakistan’s cricket landscape has witnessed significant transformations under the strategic leadership of Zaka Ashraf. His tenure at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been marked by pivotal decisions and game-changing conversations, many of which were unraveled during the annual meeting in South Africa. From the resurgence of Inzamam-ul-Haq as the chairman of the selectors committee to securing the green signal for the men’s cricket team to embark on their journey to India for the World Cup, Ashraf’s influence has been instrumental in reshaping Pakistan’s cricket trajectory.

The Disparity in Revenue Distribution: PCB’s Challenge

The issue of revenue distribution within the International Cricket Council (ICC) has been a topic of contention, with PCB receiving a mere 5.75 percent compared to the BCCI’s substantial 38.50 percent share. Zaka Ashraf, at the forefront of the negotiations, boldly addressed this discrepancy.

“I engaged in discussions with Jay Shah and fellow board members, emphasizing the importance of forging ahead collaboratively in international cricket. Unity is our strength. This time, our revenue allocation from the ICC witnessed a substantial increase. However, it came to our attention that while our share grew, other countries’ portions were diminished, and India’s share was augmented. This compelled us to take a principled stance,” Ashraf conveyed during an exclusive interview with Geo Super.

A Quest for Transparency: Unmasking the Numbers

Ashraf’s quest for transparency prompted him to delve further into the basis for the elevated revenue assigned to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). His inquiries led him to probe the ICC on the rationale behind this increase, given that the details had purportedly been shared with his predecessor, Najam Sethi.

“I exercised my role in the decision-making process, voicing my concerns about the lack of clarity regarding India’s amplified revenue allocation. I questioned the absence of a comprehensive breakdown regarding India’s enhanced share. The ICC officials, in response, maintained that all pertinent information had been furnished to Mr. Sethi. They asserted that Mr. Sethi had not only received but also endorsed the provided details,” Ashraf elucidated.

Championing Unity and Accountability

Ashraf’s resolute stance underscores the significance of unity and accountability in the world of cricket. His fervent belief in collective progress drives him to ensure that all stakeholders collaborate to elevate the sport globally. As a steward of Pakistan cricket, he remains dedicated to equitable distribution and transparent communication.


Zaka Ashraf’s stewardship at the PCB has not only facilitated critical decisions but also unraveled the complexities of revenue sharing and negotiations within the ICC. His commitment to clarity, unity, and fairness sets a benchmark for cricket administrators worldwide, emphasizing the importance of fostering collaboration for the betterment of the game.

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