Steve Smith Opens Up About Post-Ashes Beer Controversy

The aftermath of the intensely riveting 2023 Ashes series saw a surprising turn of events, as players from both England and Australia missed the chance to share a post-match beer together. Steve Smith, a key figure in the Australian cricket team, has now shared his perspective on this unexpected development.

A Regrettable Missed Gathering

Steve Smith expressed his disappointment over the fact that players from England and Australia could not convene for a traditional post-match celebration with beers after the conclusion of the Ashes 2023 series. He described the situation as ‘a shame’, highlighting the significance of camaraderie between the two rival teams.

The Drama Unfolds

The 2023 Ashes series stood out as one of the most thrilling cricketing spectacles in recent times. England’s dramatic turnaround after losing the initial two Tests resulted in a captivating 2-2 draw for the series. However, the anticipated post-match beer gathering between the two teams at the Oval turned sour due to unforeseen circumstances.

Post-Match Antics Under Scrutiny

Criticism mounted against the England team for their actions following the series. The delayed emergence of the host players from their dressing room left both fans and players disappointed. Skipper Ben Stokes found himself addressing the issue and clarifying the situation as confusion and frustration spread.

Steve Smith Speaks Out

Australia’s cricketing stalwart, Steve Smith, finally shared his insights on the matter. He revealed the events that transpired that day, shedding light on the reasons behind the missed gathering. According to Smith, the Australian players had waited outside the England dressing room, knocking on the door in anticipation. Despite some assurance from Ben Stokes, the delay prolonged, leading the Australian players to consider their options.

A Missed Opportunity for Camaraderie

In a candid interview with SEN 1170’s The Run Home, Steve Smith recalled the unfolding events. “We did knock on the door a couple of times. We were waiting around a while and Stokesy came out at one point and said ‘two minutes’ and about an hour passed,” Smith revealed.

As the wait continued, Smith and his teammates faced a dilemma. “We thought, ‘we can’t keep sitting here. Are we going to have a beer or not’? The guys got a bit fed up and decided it was time to go,” he explained.

The unexpected turn of events was especially disappointing for Smith, who stated, “It was unfortunate, it was the first time in my career that we’ve not had a drink with them after a series and it was a bit of a shame.”

Alternate Plans and Regrets

Ben Stokes eventually clarified that the delay was due to unexpected work commitments. While the traditional post-match gathering could not take place as planned, Stokes announced an alternative arrangement – a meeting with Australian players at a nightclub later that night. However, circumstances prevented Steve Smith from participating in this gathering.

“They caught up with a few of the boys in the nightclub later on that night, I had gone home by that stage, but it was a shame not to have a beer and reflect on what was a pretty cool series,” Smith expressed, reflecting on the missed opportunity to share a moment of camaraderie and reflection with his cricketing rivals.


the post-Ashes beer controversy underscored the unexpected twists that can arise even after intense battles on the field. Steve Smith’s account of the situation provides insight into the disappointments experienced by both players and fans when traditional celebrations are disrupted. Despite the missed opportunity, the 2023 Ashes series remains a memorable chapter in cricketing history.

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